Satellite Direct – FREE 40%

Original Price………. $149.95

Current Sale Price… $49.95

FREE Offer Price…… $29.95

We are happy to announce a FREE exclusive special offer for our readers.  The Internet TV Programs original price was $149.95.  Currently Satellite Direct is offering this streaming TV software for $49.95.  Lets go ahead and take another 40% off that low price and make it $29.95.  Sound better?  We thought so… We have made it very simple for you to get this special offer.  Continue reading below.

You have two options to receive this special BONUS.

1:  Do it your self  -> Do this if you feel more comfortable.
2: Use our special link -> Do this to automatically take care of all steps

Do It Yourself Option

STEP 1: Go directly to the Official Site
First read all Instructions

STEP 2: Hit the browser back button
You will see the image below on your screen
Click the Stay On This Page option
Go to Step 3

Internet TV Programs Step 1


STEP 3: In the chat box type in or Copy&Paste our Promotion Code
iTVprogram PROMO
Hit the send button
Go to Step 4

Internet TV Programs Step 2


STEP 4: Once you have entered promotion code click the (click here) link
This will open a new window with the 40% discount applied
Go to Step 5

Internet TV Programs Step 3


STEP 5: This is simply to confirm that the promotion code has been applied
You should see the price knocked down to $29.95
Download the Internet TV Programs software and enjoy!

Internet TV Programs Step 4

Now that you know what to do

Go to Official Site (then hit the back button)


Use Our Special Link Option

Clicking this link will automatically apply all the above steps and bring you to the Discounted page you see in the above image.

Apply Instant Discount Now

In case you didn’t get a chance to check out our Inside Look at this Internet TV Program

Click Here If You Want More Info About This Software

-> We bought the software and took it for a test drive.